Safety Cameras

Safety Cameras

Key Facts:

  • Inappropriate speed contributes to around 11 per cent of all injury collisions, 13 per cent of collisions resulting in a serious injury and 23 per cent of collisions which result in a death and are recorded by the police. (This includes both “excessive speed”, when the speed limit is exceeded, but also driving or riding within the speed limit when this is too fast for the conditions at the time).

(RRCGB, DfT, 2017)

  • The deployment of speed cameras leads to appreciable reductions in speed in the vicinity of the cameras, and substantial reductions in Road Traffic Incidents (RTIs) and casualties at those locations (over and above that which is attributable to regression-to-mean effects).The evidence from a study inWest Londonis that speed cameras led to a reduction in casualties not only at camera sites, but across the wider road network also.Data for 2007–2009 supplied by a number of road safety partnerships, while not covering the whole country, suggest that big falls in fatal or serious casualties at camera sites have persisted over time.

(R. Allsop, 2010)

  • The Cochrane report (which is a systematic review of other studies) highlights the consistency of reported positive reductions in speed and Road Traffic Incident (RTI) results across all studies examining the effectiveness of cameras.This suggests that speed cameras are a worthwhile intervention for reducing the number of road traffic injuries and deaths.

(C. Wilson et al., 2011)


  • A comprehensive study on average speed cameras (ASC) systems installed in Great Britain between 1990 and 2015, found that, after accounting for site-selection periods, trend and reduction to the mean effects, the ASC systems are effective in reducing collisions, especially those of a high severity.

(R. Owen, G. Ursachi and R. Allsop, 2016)

  • Studies on the effects of speed cameras on road traffic accidents in England found significant reductions in the number of accidents at speed camera sites.

(A. Hoye, 2015; D. J. Graham, et al., 2017)

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