Horse Riders

Horse Riders

How Effective?

Very little research has been conducted to assess the effectiveness of interventions to improve horse rider safety. The following document makes reference to high visibility clothing:

  • Wearing hi-viz clothing gives up to three seconds more for a driver travelling at 30mph to see you and take appropriate avoiding action. (BHS, 2011)

However, the method of research relating to this conclusion is not detailed, and it is unclear under what circumstances this assessment was carried out.

Gaps in the Research

As mentioned above, there are few definitive tests of the efficacy of techniques currently employed to increase horse and rider safety on the roads. Also, there seems to be a lack of research investigating where accidents occur and reasons for horse and rider fatalities.

  • Horse riders have received little attention in both terms of academic research and transport policy.

  • Through further studies into the interaction between road users, it may be possible to more effectively target safety policies or initiatives.

  • Campaigns and training which educate drivers in terms of skills and knowledge should be complemented with measures which also promote positive attitudes, pro-social behaviour and empathy [towards other road users].

(Chapman and Musselwhite, 2011)


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