Child Restraints

Child Restraints


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Infants and Children in the Adult World of Automobile Safety Design: Pediatric and Anatomical Considerations for Design of Child Restraints

To identify general principles for child restraint systems based on the basic anatomical differences between the adult and child, and to produce a profile of the infant and child to highlight age differences related to the design of child restraint systems.

  • Author(s): A R Burdi, D F Huelke, R G Snyder and G H Lowrey
  • Published: Journal of Biomechanics, Vol. 2, pp. 267-28, 1969
  • Date Added: 09 Apr 2012
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Safety For The Growing Child – Experiences From Swedish Accident Data

To evaluate child safety with respect to age, size in different impact situations and to identify optimal restraints and potential areas for improvement.

  • Author(s): Lotta Jakobsson, Irene Isaksson-Hellman, Björn Lundell
  • Published: International Technical Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles (ESV), 23rd Conference, Paper Number 05-0330, 2005
  • Date Added: 03 Apr 2012
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Child Passenger Safety

To provide evidence-based recommendations for best practice in the choice of a child restraint system to optimize safety in passenger vehicles for children from birth to adolescence.

  • Author(s): American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Published: Pediatrics 2011; 127;788, March 2011
  • Date Added: 03 Apr 2012
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