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Older pedestrians: a critical review of the literature

Objectives: To provide a critical review of research on older pedestrians and road safety; to identify groups within the older population who are most at risk, and to identify best practice interventions.

  • Author(s): G. Dunbar, C. Holland and E. Maylor
  • Published: Department for Transport, 2004
  • Date: 28 Jan 2013
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Pedestrian roadway fatalities

Objectives: This study sought to examine pedestrian fatalities and provide insight into causes.

  • Author(s): S. Umesh
  • Published: USA National Highways Traffic Safety Administration, 2003
  • Date: 02 Feb 2013
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Pedestrian training in a special needs environment

Objectives: A study for Gateshead Council to provide increased opportunity for adults with learning disabilities to participate in practical training and other accessibility projects relating to road safety.

  • Author(s): : S. Kay
  • Published: AECOM, 2009
  • Date: 02 Feb 2013
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Proven countermeasures for pedestrian safety

Objectives: To demonstrate engineering countermeasures which are proven to have improved pedestrian safety.

  • Author(s): J. Bartlett, B. Graves, T. Petritsch and T. Redmon (FHWA)
  • Published: USA Department of Transportation, 2012
  • Date: 02 Feb 2013
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Puffin pedestrian crossing accident study (PPR 507)

Objectives: To assess the road safety benefits of Puffin crossings compared to previous mid-block crossings and signal controlled junctions.

  • Author(s): A. Maxwell, J. Kennedy, I. Routledge, P. Knight and K. Wood
  • Published: Transport Research Laboratory, 2011
  • Date: 02 Feb 2013
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Reported Road Casualties Great Britain 2014

Comprehensive analysis of road accidents and casualties that were reporte dto the police in Great Britain in 2014.

  • Author(s): Department for Transport
  • Published: Department for Transport, 2015
  • Date: 08 Oct 2015
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