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Safely to School: A Study of Safer Routes to School in the Classroom

Objectives: To investigate the attitudes and experiences of local authorities, and other stakeholders, towards road safety for children and young people; the practices at school level, and the potential for further development of the Cycling, Walking and Safer Streets Fund.

  • Author(s): K. Fyfe, K. Lowden, J. Hall, V. Wilson and T. Graham
  • Published: ODS Ltd and The SCRE Centre prepared for the The Scottish Government, 2003
  • Date: 15 Mar 2013
  • Format: Web Page Link

Roadways (Safer route planning)

Objectives: To increase road safety through a series of exercises and activities. Roadways is a resource pack for youth leaders.

  • Author(s): Road Safety Scotland
  • Published: Road Safety Scotland, 2010
  • Date: 28 Jan 2013
  • Format: Adobe Portable Document Format

Road Traffic Injury Risk in Disadvantaged Communities: Evaluation of the Neighbourhood Road Safety Initiative (Road Safety Web Publication No.19)

Objectives: To evaluate the impact of the Neighbourhood Road Safety Initiative on improving road safety in deprived areas and increasing understanding of the root causes of the high risks of traffic injury in these areas.

  • Author(s): N. Christie, H. Ward, R. Kimberlee, R. Lyons, E. Towner, M. Hayes, S. Robertson, S. Rana, and M. Brussoni
  • Published: Department for Transport, 2010
  • Date: 15 Mar 2013
  • Format: Adobe Portable Document Format