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Contributory Factors to Reported Road Accidents 2012

Analysis of contributory factors assigned to reported road accidents by police officers attending the accident scenes.

  • Author(s): Department for Transport
  • Published: Department for Transport,2013 (in Reported Road Casualties Great Britain 2012)
  • Date: 26 Jun 2013
  • Format: Adobe Portable Document Format

Controlled breaks as a fatigue countermeasure on the flight deck

Study using a flight simulator to assess whether brief, regular breaks could improve alertness and performance during an overnight flight.

  • Author(s): Neri, D.F., Oyung, R.L., Colletti, L.M., Mallis, M.M., Tam, P.Y., Dinges, D.F.
  • Published: . Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine, 73(7), pp. 654-664 (2002)
  • Date: 29 Dec 2013
  • Format: Web Page Link