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Advanced Driver Fatigue Research

A literature review of the technology and methods used for detecting fatigue/drowsiness.

  • Author(s): Eskandarian, A., Sayed, R., Delaigue, P., Blum, J., Mortazavi, A.
  • Published: Advanced Driver Fatigue Research (Report: FMCSA-RRR-07-001). Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (2007)
  • Date: 28 Dec 2013
  • Format: Adobe Portable Document Format

Aging, Driving and Vision

An overview of some of the complex issues associated with older drivers and consider how the aging changes in visual function might impact on driving performance.

  • Author(s): Wood, Joanne M
  • Published: Clinical and Experimental Optometry, 85(4), 2002
  • Date: 26 Jun 2013
  • Format: Adobe Portable Document Format