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Who Drives Older Driver Decisions?

Focus groups with older adults aged 58-89 to explore questions around the role others play in older adults’ decisions around driving, and when such involvement is more likely to be welcome.

  • Author(s): Coughlin, J. F., Mohyde, M., D'Ambrosio, L. A. & Gilbert, J.
  • Published: MIT AgeLab, 2004
  • Date: 04 Feb 2014
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What is colour blindness?

Website to raise awareness about colour vision deficiency.

  • Author(s):
  • Published:, no date
  • Date: 30 Jan 2014
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Vision and Driving

Literaure review of the effectiveness of various visual tests in predicting the accident-proneness of individual drivers.

  • Author(s): Department for Transport
  • Published: Department for Transport, 2002
  • Date: 26 Jun 2013
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Vision and Driving

Review of current knowledge about the role of various aspects of visual function in driving and of vision screening for licensure and re-licensure and rehabilitation of visually impaired persons who want to drive.

  • Author(s): Owsley C and McGwin Jr G.
  • Published: Vision Research; 50(23), 2010
  • Date: 26 Jun 2013
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Vision and drivers: a South Wales survey

Questionnaire survey and eyesight tests of a random sample of 301 drivers and motorcyclists.

  • Author(s): S Anuradha, C Potter and G Fernquest
  • Published: Journal of Public Health, 29 (3), 28 September 2007
  • Date: 26 Jun 2013
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Vehicle Injuries in Great Britain, 2014

An overview of injuries sustained by employees due to moving vehicles in work- related incidents that were reported to RIDDOR enforcing authorities in 2013/14.

  • Author(s): Health and Safety Executive
  • Published: Health and Safety Executive, October 2014
  • Date: 22 Apr 2016
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Vehicle accidents related to sleep: a review

A review of studies relating to vehicle accidents, clinical causes of sleepiness, forewarnings of sleepiness, in-vehicle warning devices, symptoms of falling asleep and countermeasures.

  • Author(s): Horne, J. & Reyner, L.
  • Published: Occup Environ Med1999;56:289-294 doi:10.1136/oem.56.5.289 (1999)
  • Date: 28 Dec 2013
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