All-terrain vehicle safety knowledge, riding behaviours and crash experience of Farm Progress Show attendees

  • Published: Journal of Safety Research 60, 2017: p 71-78
  • Authors: Jennissen, C.A., Harland, K.K., Wetjen, K., Hoogerwerf, P., O’Donnel, L. & Denning, G.M.
  • Date Added: 08 Mar 2018
  • Last Update: 08 Mar 2018
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To determine characteristics and outcomes of ATV use and to assess basic ATV-related safety knowledge.


Farm Progress Show attendees in 2012 (Boone, Iowa) and 2013 (Decatur, Illinois) were surveyed about ATVs, including riding behaviours, crash history, and safety knowledge. Descriptive and comparative analyses were performed (N = 635 surveys).

Key Findings:

  • Over 90% of survey participants at a large agricultural fair had ridden on an ATV

  • The vast majority reported having engaged in one or more unsafe riding behaviours

  • Nearly 40% of those who had ridden on an ATV reported having been in a crash

  • Unsafe riding behaviours were strongly associated with having been in a crash

  • Safety knowledge was not always associated with safe riding behaviour


All-terrain vehicles; Occupational safety; Injury prevention; Agriculture; Safety training


Although focused on ATV, the research is relevant for rural roads