Crosswind Assist

  • Published: Mercedes-Benz 2017
  • Authors: Mercedes-Benz
  • Date Added: 21 Aug 2017
  • Last Update: 21 Aug 2017




Informative website to explain the system to the reader

Key Claims:

  • Crosswind technology prevents the vehicle from leaving its lane in the event of high winds

  • Works in accordance with the ESC and LKA

  • Measures the strength of the wind, and applies appropriate brake pressure to individual wheels to keep the vehicle in its lane.

  • If the vehicle permits (i.e. has the appropriate optional extras), the suspension system can be adapted by the ESC to perform the same task.


ESC, Crosswind Stabilisation, LKA


From research conducted, it seems to be only Mercedes-Benz using this technology, although there may be more available. There is no obvious, published, evidence to directly support its use, however this is unlikely to materialise due to the very close connection to LKA.


Report not available online