The effects of electronic stability control (ESC) on crashes – An update

  • Published: Accident Analysis and Prevention 43, pp.1148-1159, 2011
  • Authors: A Hoye
  • Date Added: 21 Aug 2017
  • Last Update: 21 Aug 2017
  • Format: pdf


To give an update on the effects of ESC from recent studies.


A meta-analysis of 12 studies into the effects of ESC on the number of different types of crashes were summarised.

Key Findings:

  • ESC prevents about 40% of all crashes involving loss of control

  • All fatal crashes are reduced by around 40%; less severe crashes are unchanged when all types of crashes are regarded together.

  • Fatal crashes in which rollover is the first harmful event are reduced by 70%, rollover crashes of all severities are reduced by 50%.

  • Run-off-road crashes are reduced by about 40%, and single vehicle crashes are reduced by about 25%.

  • Results are likely to be overestimated, especially with non-fatal crashes.


ESC, RTIs, Prevention, Meta-Analysis


A lot of the quoted figures of the effectiveness are likely to be overestimated. The author has made an attempt to remove any publishing bias when analysing the different studies.