Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: 2015 Annual Report

  • Published: Department for Transport, September 2016
  • Authors: Department for Transport
  • Date Added: 12 Jul 2017
  • Last Update: 12 Jul 2017
  • Format: pdf


Presents detailed statistics regarding the circumstances of personal injury road accidents, including the types of vehicles involved, the resulting casualties, and factors which may contribute to the accidents.



Majority of the statistics in the report are based on information about accidents reported to the police. Coroners and Procurators Fiscal provide data on alcohol levels of road user fatalities.


Key Findings:

In 2015 in Great Britain:


  • A total of 1,730 people were killed and 22,144 seriously injured on Britain’s roads.

  • 365 motorcycle users were killed in reported road accidents, an 8% increase from 2014.

  • 5,042 motorcycle users were seriously injured in reported road accidents, a 5% decrease from 2014

  • Motorcycle fatalities were 4% higher than their 2010-14 average, but serious injuries were the same.

  • Over two thirds of motorcycle fatalities occurred in rural areas, compared with under half for serious motorcycle casualties and about a third for all motorcycle casualties.

  • Over 90% of motorcycle user casualties were male.

  • Around 30 per cent of non-fatal motorcyclist casualties are younger riders (aged up to 25 years old) on smaller engine motorcycles (up to 125 cc). Accidents, casualties, killed or seriously injured.



National statistics.



Accidents, casualties, killed or seriously injured.