Assessment of the feasibility of producing statistics on all work-related fatalities and injuries

  • Published: Health and Safety Executive, unknown date
  • Authors: Health and Safety Executive
  • Date Added: 22 Apr 2016
  • Last Update: 22 Apr 2016
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To investigate the feasibility of producing statistics on the total number of work-related injuries and fatalities and to also include injuries and fatalities not reportable under RIDDOR.


Investigation into the data available on road traffic collisions, accidents at sea, accidents in the air and injuries to cabin and flight crew, and injuries to armed forces personal. This included analysis of STATS19 data and labour force survey data,

Key Findings

  • Journey purpose data is underreported in the STATS19 database and the published statistics do not split out events which were work related from other collisions.

  • The labour force survey offers potential source of data for non-fatal work-related road traffic injuries.

  • Various statistics on injuries and accidents are published by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB).

  • Changes in legislation could lead to some overlap in events reportable under RIDDOR and those reported by the (MAIB).

  • Air Accident Investigation Branch publishes statistics on incidents which could be collated into an annual statistics report. However, this would curtail staff costs and the result may not be comparable to RIDORR statistics.

  • Data on cabin crew health and safety is currently not published.

  • Injury and fatality statistics of MOD personnel are published.


Statistics, Feasibility, injury, fatality, collision, work-related, Air, Sea, Armed forces.


This is a concise summary of the injury and fatality data available with comments on limitations and opportunities.