20’s Plenty

  • Published: Tapp, A. (Bristol Social Marketing Centre) and Toy, S., (Sustrans), 2015
  • Authors: Tapp, A. (Bristol Social Marketing Centre) and Toy, S., (Sustrans)
  • Date Added: 07 Apr 2016
  • Last Update: 07 Apr 2016
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To explore the effectiveness of social marketing interventions to support the implementation of signs-only 20mph limits.


The action-research (i.e. the study was carried out during the implementation of 20mph limit pilot schemes) project had a number of parallel and overlapping workstreams:

  • A literature review to research driver attitudes and behaviour towards speed and best practice in influencing driving behaviour and speed choice;
  • Research to learn from Bristol’s 20mph limit pilots through analysis of monitoring data and in-depth interviews with stakeholders;
  • Study visits to learn from other 20mph limit initiatives through site visits and in-depth interviews with stakeholders;
  • Active engagement with community groups in Bristol to identify and potentially support local initiatives promoting 20mph limit compliance;
  • Qualitative research with Bristol residents to gain insights into attitudes and stated behaviour with regard to 20mph limits;
  • Observations on actual driving behaviour in the 20mph limit pilot areas.


Key Findings

The research project resulted in a range of informational material and guidance to make the introduction of 20mph limits successful including:

  • The 8-page booklet Making 20mph stick offers a brief overview of the vision, with ideas and inspiration for putting it into action.

  • The 20mph Research Findings document is an in-depth report including a full review of evidence, case studies from other cities piloting 20mph limits and analysis of the qualitative data including transcripts of the focus groups and in-depth interviews.

  • The 20mph Practical Guide is a step-by-step toolkit aimed at those interested in implementing a signs-only 20mph scheme.

  • A presentation given to delegates at the 20's Plenty envisioning workshop held on 13 March 2012.


20’s Plenty, 20mph schemes, action research


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