Integration of Road Safety in Other Policy Areas: Synergies and Conflicts

  • Published: European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), 2013
  • Authors: E. Townsend
  • Date Added: 12 Feb 2016
  • Last Update: 12 Feb 2016
  • Format: pdf


To look at what integration of road safety means in relation to several policy areas.


Investigation of the synergies and conflicts of integrating road safety into other policy areas.

Key Findings:

  • Integration of road safety into other policy areas can be understood as systematically taking the issues and mainstreaming it in other related fields of policy.

  • It is argued that useful synergies can be created and achieved and certain objectives can be met through integrating safety into other areas, in line with the Safe System approach.

  • For integration to achieve these benefits one needs to identify potential conflicts and look at ways to overcome them.

  • Three key policy areas were examined in detail: employment, environment and health. These topics were chosen as they arguably have the strongest links to road safety policy.

  • A longer list of other issues which represent a second tier of policy areas where there are clear links with road safety were also explored. These include trade and procurement, liveable cities, transport accessibility and equity, development co-operation, policing and tourism.

  • Road safety policy integration can add strength in achieving joint objectives, pooling of resources and greater efficiency.

  • Integration can also highlight conflicts where reaching one objective such as road safety, may have tensions for another.

  • On balance, though, it is argued that through looking at possible synergies and also potential conflicts, the end result should emerge stronger for all involved.

  • Integration should be an ongoing process which should be monitored and revised within a spirit of dialogue between representatives of different policy areas.


Provides ways in which road safety can be integrated into other policy areas


Integration, Policy, Leadership