The annual test for lorries, buses and trailers

  • Published: Annual test (8 March 2017)
  • Authors: VOSA
  • Date Added: 15 Mar 2014
  • Last Update: 17 May 2017
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The annual test for lorries, trailers and buses is similar to the MOT test that cars take each year.

The annual test is for:

  • motor vehicles with a gross weight of more than 3,500 kilograms (kg)

  • vehicles that are built or have been adapted to form part of an articulated vehicle· semi-trailers

  • horseboxes with a gross weight of more than 3,500 kg

  • ‘A’ frame trailers and converter dollies manufactured on or after 1 January 1979· trailers with an unladen weight of more than 1,020 kg with powered braking systems (instead of standard overrun brakes and as well as the required parking brake)

  • all public service vehicles with more than 8 passenger seats - not including the driver’s seat



Key Findings:



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