Noise abatement and night deliveries

  • Published: Dublin Institute of Technology, Masters. Paper 31. 2008
  • Authors: Finlay, Hugh.
  • Date Added: 15 Mar 2014
  • Last Update: 15 Mar 2014
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A review of international best practice for urban traffic noise abatement for developing low noise products and procedures.


By identifying the “peak” noise events and an identification of the HGV components and ancillaries to which noise attenuation solutions might best be applied

Key Findings:

  • The hypothesis has been established that Acoustic materials are available or can be developed and applied to Heavy Goods Vehicles and ancillaries, which effectively and economically abate the noise caused by night deliveries.

  • Further research is desirable to further improve the availability of commercially viable and acoustically effective solutions acceptable to all the parties concerned.


A masters thesis