THINK! Road Safety Campaign Evaluation Post Stage: ‘Named Rider’ motorcycle campaign

  • Published: TNS-BMRB for Department for Transport, 2010
  • Authors: H. Angle, S. Bone, E. Goddard and E. Johns
  • Date Added: 08 Mar 2014
  • Last Update: 08 Mar 2014
  • Format: pdf


  • To measure changes in attitudes towards motorcyclist road safety, including where the responsibility for reducing road accidents with motorcyclists lies.

  • To gauge driver awareness of motorcyclists while driving and to understand how motorcycles and their riders are seen from the drivers perspective.

  • To determine what is perceived as the most common causes of motorcycle accidents and the precautions taken to avoid accidents with motorcyclists


2,075 interviews were conducted with those aged 15+ in Great Britain. Interviews were conducted in-home using CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing).

Key Findings:

  • Two thirds of all respondents (66%) recalled seeing or hearing advertising about road safety in relation to motorcyclists recently, a significant increase from half at the pre-stage (46%).

  • Two thirds had seen advertising about motorcyclist road safety in at least one of the sources used in the ‘Named Rider’ campaign (69%). Six in ten had seen a TV advert (62%), one in ten a radio advert (8%), poster hoarding (8%).

  • Two thirds recognised any of the campaign ads (66%). Over half recognised the TV ad (56%), and two in ten had heard a radio ad (21%).

  • Four in ten (37%) spontaneously reported the main message of the ‘Named Rider’ TV ad to be, ‘look out for motorcyclists’, with 16% saying the message is to think about the person on the bike. One in ten picked up on the message that motorcyclists are human/ people (11%).

  • Nearly six in ten drivers (58%) agreed that when they see a motorcycle, they think about the person riding it, a significant increase from the pre-stage (51%).

  • Over six in ten respondents indicated that they felt car drivers and motorcyclists are equally responsible for reducing motorcycle accidents (64%), stable from the pre-stage.


Campaign, motorcyclists, awareness, attitudes.