The contribution of vehicle headlights to visibility of targets in road lighting environments

  • Published: International Review of Electrical Engineering (IREE), 3 (1) 208-217, 2008
  • Authors: Ekrias A, Eloholma M and Halonen L
  • Date Added: 25 Jan 2014
  • Last Update: 25 Jan 2014
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To study the impacts of vehicle headlights on luminance contrasts of targets located on the road.


Experimental measurements were made on a highway to investigate the contribution of halogen and high-intensity discharge headlights to road lighting.

Key Findings:

  • The measurement results indicate that in general, the use of vehicle headlights, in the presence of road lighting, does not improve the luminance contrasts of targets located on the road.


Road lighting, vehicle headlights, luminance measurement, luminance contrast, target visibility


Demonstration of an assumed feature of vehicle lighting.