Office of National Drug Control Policy

  • Published: USA Government – The White House (2013)
  • Authors: USA Government
  • Date Added: 22 Dec 2013
  • Last Update: 22 Dec 2013
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Highlight the growing problem of drugged driving.


  • Provides an overview of the National Drug Control Strategy.

  • Provides information on recent surveys to show the issue of drug driving in the USA.

  • Provides information on what people can do to encourage safe driving (activity guide, partner programs, and resources).

Key Findings

  • The National Drug Control Strategy has a goal of reducing drug driving in the USA by 10% by 2015. The Strategy calls for:

- States to adopt a Per Se drug impairment law.

- Collection of further data on drug driving.

- Enhancing prevention of drug driving by educating communities and professionals.

- Provision of increased training to law enforcement on identifying drug drivers.

- Development of standard screening methodologies for drug-testing laboratories to detect the presence of drugs.

  • Provides information on a number of recent surveys showing the prevalence of drug driving in the USA (e.g. 2007, one in eight weekends, night time drivers tested positive for illicit drugs).


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Overview of policy and prevalence of drug driving in the USA.