Manual of guidance drink and drug driving (MGDD)

  • Published: Home Office (August 2013)
  • Authors: Home Office
  • Date Added: 22 Dec 2013
  • Last Update: 22 Dec 2013
  • Format: pdf


Provides access to the 6 forms used by forces in England and Wales when dealing with drink and drugs driving offences.


  • The police service and the Crown Prosecution Service have produced a series of standard forms to aid officers’ investigations.

Key Findings

The following forms are provided:

  • MGDD Form A: drink/drugs station procedure.

  • MGDD Form B: drink/drugs station procedure: specimens/impairment supplement.

  • MGDD Form C: drink/drugs hospital procedure.

  •  MGDD Form D: Technical defences and back calculations.

  • MGDD Form E: drug drive laboratory submissions.

  • MGDD Form F: roadside impairment testing.


Drink, drug, driving, manual, offences, police


Manuals provided by the Crown Prosecution Service