Get Britain Cycling, Report from the Inquiry

  • Published: All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, April 2013
  • Authors: Phil Goodwin
  • Date Added: 27 Jun 2013
  • Last Update: 27 Jun 2013
  • Format: pdf


The report is of an All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group inquiry into cycling in Britain. The inquiry topics include:

  • The Basic Statistics and what is Wrong with them

  • Case Studies of Particular Places

  • Road Traffic Forecasts, ‘Peak Car’ and the Future of Cycling

  • Benefits of Cycling: traffic, health, economy

  • Planning and Design

  • Safety, Speed, and Regulation: a problem of the Hierarchy of Legal and Moral Responsibility

  • Training and education

  • Action checklist and

  • Policy Recommendations from the Inquiry


The inquiry draws on the expert evidence of group members which include ministers, organisations representing cyclists, pedestrians, motorists and freight transport, professional engineers, designers and road planners working for national and local government agencies, police and law agencies, researchers and other specialists. The author has also consulted the evidence base of published literature.


Cycling, policy, health, safety, case studies, forecasts, economic benefits, planning, design, training, education


The report does not contain references to published literature but it was been written by an expert in the field and informed by expert evidence.