Survey on Motor Vehicle Tyres and Related Aspect

  • Published: EC ENTR/02/045, 2004
  • Authors: TUV Automotive GmbH
  • Date Added: 26 Jun 2013
  • Last Update: 14 Feb 2016


Review the European evidence on tyre safety


Literature review

Key Findings:

  • Broad evidence on tyre safety. Specifically relating to tyre pressure, the report identified:

    • Over-inflation increases overall tyre diameter, decreases the amount of tread in contact with the road, decreases sidewall flexibility and affects road-adhesion.

    • Under-inflation decreases overall tyre diameter, increases sidewall flexion, generates higher tyre operating temperatures and difficult vehicle handling characteristics. Running an under-inflated tyre may cause premature tyre failure.

    • Both over and under-inflation adversely affect tyre life




Report not available online