Pilot Project for Evaluating the Segway Motorized Personal Transportation Device in Real Conditions

  • Published: Centre for Electric Vehicle Experimentation in Quebec (CEVEQ), 2006
  • Authors: S. Castonguay and P. Binwa
  • Date Added: 13 Jun 2013
  • Last Update: 12 Feb 2016
  • Format: pdf


Evaluate user perception of safety.Evaluate how safe the Segway seemed to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists who came in contact with it.Evaluation of reliability, social acceptability and safety when used in an urban environment, as well as potential applications to foster intermodality (using different modes of transport during commuting).


Experimentation under actual operating conditions on public roadways involving 143 users, in three cities, who covered more than 9,000 km.

Key Findings:

  • No incident or serious injury, nor any Segway/pedestrian RTI or physical interference, was reported during the evaluation, where distances totalling more than 9,000 km were covered. The only incidents reported involved the user only. The frequency of such incidents may diminish as users gain driving experience.

  • The feeling of insecurity expressed by users generally arose from their lack of confidence in being able to properly control the device under difficult conditions, such as when encountering a pedestrian or navigating tight spaces and difficult surfaces, conditions which often exist on sidewalks. Most likely, with more driving experience, their confidence will improve, as when learning to ride a bicycle.

  • Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device (EPAMDs) being driven on sidewalks, cycle paths and road shoulders where speed is limited to 50km/h will have little impact on user safety and still less on the safety of pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and other pedestrian route users.

  • Sidewalks were the only type of pedestrian route where the acceptability of EPAMDs was at all in question. EPAMD traffic was found quite acceptable on cycle paths and roadway shoulders.


Segway, Motorised Personal Transportation Devices, Safety.


Real world research. Report accessed via the Segway website.