Pilot Project for Evaluating Motorized, Personal Transportation Devices, Segways and Electric Scooters

  • Published: Centre for Electric Vehicle Experimentation in Quebec (CEVEQ), 2004
  • Authors: P. Lavallée
  • Date Added: 13 Jun 2013
  • Last Update: 12 Feb 2016
  • Format: pdf


Evaluate two types of motorised personal transportation devices (MPTDs): the Segway and the electric scooter.


Pilot project for evaluating two types of Motorised Personal Transportation Devices (MPTDs): the Segway and the electric scooter which included a general literature review, an analysis of existing safety regulation, the legal framework for using such vehicles, traffic rules and incidents. Alongside these activities, CEVEQ, supported by groups of experts and a group of 50 test participants, performed ergonomic, technical, and operational evaluations of the MPTDs on a closed indoor test track and in the laboratory.

Key Findings:

  • Given the many problems of congestion, pollution and urban mobility, new modes of transportation, such as MPTDs, increasingly seem to be an alternative to widespread automobile use.

  • Where Segways are concerned, the results of the technical tests demonstrated that in normal use situations, Segways were stable, operated quietly and smoothly, and gave users the feeling of being in control of the vehicle.

  • The devices also compare favourably with other types of vehicles, particularly in terms of stability, where they seem superior to other vehicles such as bicycles and mopeds.

  • A vast majority of test participants thought that both types of MPTDs were safe for getting around in closed environments.

  • In light of the results of the technical and ergonomic evaluations performed in Phase 1 of the project, it is recommended that Phase 2 be carried out to evaluate electric scooters and Segways in actual operating conditions in order to evaluate their reliability and safety in an urban environment, their social acceptability, and their ability to replace cars for short trips in urban communities.


Segway, Motorised Personal Transportation Devices, Stability.


The devices were not tested in a real world situation. Report was accessed via the Segway.