What do I need to consider when buying a mini-motorbike or quad bike?

  • Published: RoSPA, 2010
  • Authors: RoSPA
  • Date Added: 13 Jun 2013
  • Last Update: 12 Feb 2016
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To provide advice to parents.


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Key Findings:

  • There has been a big demand for mini motorbikes, quad bikes and powered scooters, particularly from children. People may be buying them without fully understanding the safety implications.

  • Some of the bikes are relatively inexpensive but can travel in excess of 40mph. Mini-motorbikes and quad bikes are often illegal for road use and can only be ridden on private land with the landowner’s permission. A major problem is finding somewhere that they can be used without putting the rider and other people in danger.

  • Children may tell parents they will push the bike to their chosen riding spot, but invariably once away from parental supervision they will ride them there. Ideally children need to go to a course or properly organised club where they can be trained and enjoy riding rather than risk breaking the law and being injured. RoSPA is concerned that there is a lack of recognised safe places to ride.

  • Before buying mini-motorbikes and similar machines people should:

    • Check for local safe and legal riding places

    • Be willing to transport the bike to and from such places

    • Invest in appropriate safety equipment and training. There is a network of clubs across the UK which can offer training and safe riding opportunities.


Mini-motorbike, Quad bike, Road use, Safety equipment.


This is not a research article, but it outlines a few safety concerns associated with the use of mini-motorbikes and quad bikes. It does not contain any specific information about which types of vehicles are road legal.