Instructions for the Completion of Road Accidents Reports from non-CRASH Sources (STATS20)

  • Published: Department for Transport, 2011
  • Authors: Department for Transport
  • Date Added: 13 Jun 2013
  • Last Update: 13 Jun 2013
  • Format: pdf

Objectives: Provide instructions to complete the STATS19 form.

Methodology: The STATS20 manual provides a detailed explanation of the information which needs to be collected on the STATS19 form, collected by a Police Officer when an injury road accident is reported to them.

Key Findings:

  • Type of vehicle – Codes relevant to the ‘Alternative Wheelers’ road safety synthesis:

    • 01. Pedal cycle

    • 17. Agricultural vehicle (includes diggers etc.)

    • 18. Tram/Light rail

    • 90. Other vehicle

  • Code 90 should be accompanied by a description of the vehicle type.

  • Motorcycle includes mopeds, motor scooters, motorcycle combinations and three wheeled motorcycles. "Quad bikes" should be coded 90.

  • Car: includes three wheeled cars, estate cars, family vans/multi-people carriers, Land Rovers and similar four-wheel drive vehicles.

  • Agricultural vehicles (includes diggers etc.): This category will mainly include agricultural tractors (whether or not towing), mobile excavators and front dumpers.

  • Other vehicles are types of vehicle not falling into any of the main categories. Examples are ambulances, fire engines, motor caravans, quad bikes, pedestrian controlled vehicles with a motor, refuse vehicles, road rollers, mobile cranes, tower wagons and army tanks. Also included are miscellaneous types of vehicles without a motor, other than pedal cycles. Examples are vehicles drawn by an animal, invalid carriages that are self propelled without a motor, and pedestrian controlled vehicles without a motor which are normally used on the road (e.g. street barrows). Vehicles which are normally on the pavement, such as prams, should not be recorded as vehicles nor should led horses. Toy cars and toy tricycles on the pavement should not be recorded, their riders being classified as pedestrians.


‘Other vehicles’, Definitions.


Descriptive document which defines ‘Other vehicles’.