The speed camera switch off: One month on

  • Published: Thames Valley Safer Roads Partnership, 2010
  • Authors: R. Owen
  • Date Added: 18 Mar 2013
  • Last Update: 11 Feb 2016
  • Format: pdf


To investigate what happens when it is announced to the public that speed cameras are no longer in operation.


This report looks at the evidence retrieved from four sites (six ‘locations’) in Oxfordshire in the 32 days following the well publicised speed camera switch-off.

Key Findings:

  • The results, although only at a limited number of locations for a short period of time, indicate that motorists do alter their speed choices when they know a fixed speed camera is not loaded.

  • Even the most conservative analysis shows a 2.9 to 4 times increase in offending at sites only one month after the switch-off.

  • If seasonal variations and more recent offence rates are taken into account then the increases are significantly higher.

  • Local authorities around the country should bear these results in mind if they are considering a similar approach to Oxfordshire as the deterrent effect of the housing alone is diminished by public announcements regarding their operational capacity.


Speed camera effectiveness


A small scale piece of research in terms of time, but already shows a change in behaviour following camera switch off.