The Speedmeter Handbook (Fourth Edition)

  • Published: Home Office Scientific Development Branch, 2005
  • Authors: Dr S R Lewis
  • Date Added: 15 Mar 2013
  • Last Update: 15 Mar 2013
  • Format: pdf


To describe the technical requirements in order to achieve type approval for new Speedmeter Devices for police use in theUK.


The document summarises the procedure which must be followed by equipment manufacturers.

Key Findings:

  • Type approval has been necessary for radar speedmeters since 1984, but the approval procedures previously covered only hand-held and across-the-road models, which were neither capable of taking photographs nor of operating unattended.

  • This handbook contains a description of the technical requirements to be met for consideration of type approval of certain types of speedmeter which are prescribed devices for the purposes of the road traffic legislation.

  • The handbook is intended to be a reference for manufacturers wishing to develop or sell existing products to the Police Service inGreat Britain.

  • The handbook contains not only a list of technical requirements but also guidance on methods of measurement, and the procedures to be followed in seeking type approval.

  • The opportunity has been taken to reassess the technical parameters and to expand the requirements to cover the use of photography and video to permit automatic and unattended operation. Speedmeters using road surface sensors have also been included.

  • Amongst other updates, the fourth edition of the handbook includes amendments to the requirements for over-the-road radar speedmeters that will be operated on motorways with active traffic management where the hard shoulder is temporarily used as a running lane.


Type approval, Speedmeters


Performance and procedural requirements rather than a research document.