Automatic Distance/Time Speedmeter Handbook (Second Edition) Provisional

  • Published: Home Office Scientific Development Branch, 2005
  • Authors: Dr S R Lewis
  • Date Added: 15 Mar 2013
  • Last Update: 15 Mar 2013
  • Format: pdf


To describe the technical requirements in order to achieve type approval for new Distance/Speedmeter Devices for police use in theUK.


The document summarises the procedure which must be followed by equipment manufacturers.

Key Findings:

  • Road traffic law now facilitates the introduction of new methods of speed detection, especially those that permit automatic and unattended detection by using a camera to record the offending motorist.

  • This is one of a series of handbooks which contain a description of the technical requirements to be met for consideration of type-approval of certain types of speedmeter which are prescribed devices for the purposes of the road traffic legislation.

  • The handbooks are intended to be a reference for manufacturers wishing to develop or sell existing products to the police service inGreat Britain.

  • The handbooks contain not only a list of technical requirements but also guidance on methods of measurement, construction requirements and the procedures to be followed in seeking type approval.

  • This handbook covers speedmeters which automatically measure average speed from the time taken to travel between two positions a known distance apart.


Type approval, Distance/Time Speedmeters, Average speed cameras.


Performance and procedural requirements rather than a research document.