Accidents and the skidding resistance standard for strategic roads in England

  • Published: TRL, 2005
  • Authors: A. Parry and H. Viner
  • Date Added: 06 Mar 2013
  • Last Update: 25 Oct 2016
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To review the standard for skidding resistance in HD28 Design Manual for Roads, and undertake an RTI analysis of the UK road network.


A network level analysis of the influence of skid resistance on RTI risk was carried out using existing databases of information. This included 29,250 RTI records.

Key Findings:

  • New investigatory levels have been proposed. In most cases, this includes a range of investigatory levels for each site category.

  • This range of risk emphasises the need for the reaction to low skidding resistance to be based on investigation rather than automatic intervention.

  • As well as helping to meet RTI reduction targets, it appeared that the cost of the changes would be covered in the savings associated with the RTIs reductions.


Skid resistance, RTI reduction


Comprehensive UK research paper.