Buses Involved In Fatal Accidents Factbook 2008

  • Published: Center for National Truck and Bus Statistics, 2011
  • Authors: A. Matteson, L. Jarossi, and J. Woodroofe
  • Date Added: 28 Feb 2013
  • Last Update: 28 Feb 2013
  • Format: pdf


To use the Buses Involved in Fatal Accidents (BIFA) database to present aggregate statistics on buses involved in RTIs in 2008.


The BIFA database was interrogated for 2008 statistics in order that four separate areas of review could be provided – Trends, Accident Conditions, Vehicle, and Driver. Each of these sections analysed the data with reference to the particular topic.

Key Findings:

  • The most relevant statistics relate to drivers and the human error factors which contributed to the incidents.

  • Fifteen bus drivers were coded as inattentive, and two as drowsy or asleep at the time of the RTI.

  • Drinking was reported in 1.7 per cent of the bus drivers.

  • Overall, 9.5 per cent of bus drivers involved in a fatal RTI had a previous speeding conviction. Drivers of buses in the ‘other’ bus category had the highest percentage of previous speeding convictions, while transit bus drivers had the highest incidence of previous RTIs (fatal and nonfatal).

  • Failure to yield was the most common driver factor (10.2 per cent), followed by careless/inattentive (5.1 per cent), and failure to keep in proper lane (4.1 per cent).


Fatal bus RTIs, Statistics.


The Driver section of the report provides some further evidence on some of the other issues discussed in this synthesis, such as drink-driving and fatigue.