Exploring the effectiveness of variable speed limit controls on highway work-zone operations

  • Published: Intelligent Transportation Systems, 8:1–14, 2004
  • Authors: P. Lin, K. Kang and G. Chang
  • Date Added: 04 Feb 2013
  • Last Update: 12 Feb 2016
  • Format: pdf

Objectives: To evaluate variable speed limit algorithms with the aim to increase work zone throughputs and reduce vehicle delays.


Computer traffic simulations with varying variable speed limit algorithms.

Key Findings:

  • Variable speed limit controls result in traffic flow with substantially lower speed variances than non-controlled scenarios.

  • Reduction in speed variances may indirectly contribute to safety improvements.


Variable speed limit, algorithm, speed variance


Although computer simulation only, this report adds to the body of evidence that variable speed limit systems can smooth traffic flow at road works.