Effect of enhanced seat belt reminders on driver fatality risk

  • Published: Journal of Safety Research, Volume 41, Issue 1, February 2010, Pages 53–57
  • Authors: Charles M. Farmer and JoAnn K. Wells
  • Date Added: 01 Feb 2013
  • Last Update: 01 Feb 2013
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Study the influence of seat belt reminder systems on driver fatality risk


Retrospective cohort study

Key Findings:

  • The number of driver deaths per vehicle registration were calculated for vehicles with and without seat belt reminder systems in the USA between 2000 and 2007.

  • The fatality rate was 6% less in vehicles fitted with SBR.

  • After adjusting the results to remove the influence that any differences in vehicle age played on this association, the fatality rate was 2% less in vehicles fitted with SBR.