A Quantification of the Impact of Restraining Systems on Passenger Safety

  • Published: Journal of Safety Research Volume 20, Issue 3, Autumn 1989
  • Authors: Saeed Maghsoodloo, David B. Brown, Yuh-Ing Shieh
  • Date Added: 01 Feb 2013
  • Last Update: 01 Feb 2013
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To examine the effectiveness of safety belts.


Accident data fromAlabamawas collected between 1984 and 1987, including information on occupants who were uninjured. The proportion of occupants suffering different severities of injury were calculated and compared.

Key Findings:

  • The effectiveness of seat belts at preventing fatalities in the rear was estimated at 8%, with no confidence intervals provided in the paper.

  • There were very low numbers of restrained passengers who were fatally injured in the rear which were recorded by the police in the time period.

  • The lap belts were estimated to be 57% effective at preventing serious injuries in the rear, with a standard error of 0.74%.