House of Commons Transport Committee Novice Drivers Seventh Report of Session 2006-07 Volume I

  • Published: House of Commons Transport Committee, July 2007
  • Authors: House of Commons Transport Committee
  • Date Added: 09 Apr 2012
  • Last Update: 12 Jan 2018
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To examine the potential for more radical measures which would be more effective in reducing casualties. The committee announced the terms of reference for the inquiry on 2 November 2006.


In the course of this inquiry the Transport Committee took evidence from road safety groups, the police, motoring organisations, the insurance industry, driving instructors and examiners, the unions, academics, local authorities, the Driving Standards Agency and the Minister for Transport, Dr Stephen Ladyman MP.

Key Findings:

  • In this report we present a selection of measures to address the novice driver problem.

  • There is evidence which demonstrates the potential effectiveness of each measure.

  • Introducing all of these measures would be an approach which would aim to reduce risk on all fronts. But if the Department were to pick and choose between the package of potential measures, such decisions must be clearly supported by evidence.

  • The scale of deaths and injuries amongst novice drivers and the victims of their inexperience indicates that the current regulatory regime is failing. If the whole package of recommendations in this report were to be implemented, the UK would then have one of the most rigorous driver training, testing and post-test regimes in Europe.

  • But for these measures to be fully effective, the Government must ensure that people are not able to bypass the system altogether and drive on our roads unlicensed and uninsured.

  • It is believed that nationally something in the region of one million people are driving without a valid licence. [4] The Government's first priority must be to tackle the growing "underclass" of drivers who are on the roads illegally.

  • Otherwise the impact of any attempt to improve road safety by addressing the licensing framework, driver education and driving behaviour will be lost.