Pre-driver Education: Survey of Pre-driver Education Provision

  • Published: Department for Transport, Road Safety Research Report, March 2007
  • Authors: Launchbury, C, Deighton C, Luther, R
  • Date Added: 09 Apr 2012
  • Last Update: 12 Jan 2018
  • Format: pdf


The objective of the questionnaire survey was to develop an understanding of the current provision of pre-driver education in the UK and to investigate, to a lesser extent, any good practice applied by international providers.


A questionnaire and follow-up telephone survey were used. The questionnaire survey achieved an acceptable response rate of 38% from a sample of 204 questionnaires issued. The sample comprised:

  • all UK Road Safety Units (identified via the Local Authority Road Safety Officers’ Association (LARSOA) website –;
  • seven UK non-government providers; and
  • four international organisations.

A follow-up telephone survey investigated the provision of pre-driver education by the 111 road safety officers (RSOs) who did not participate in the questionnaire survey. The information collection was primarily via telephone and the requirement was to ask whether their road safety team provided pre-driver education. In addition, the interviewer invited contacts to provide a brief description of their pre-driver education interventions (e.g. target groups, education method and media, and intervention name, if applicable). Information was collected for 103 of the sample (n ¼ 111).

Key Findings:

  • The combined findings of the questionnaire and telephone survey indicated that out of 173 UK road safety teams, 122 (71%) had a pre-driver education initiative in place and 51 (29%) did not.